Lisbeth Coiman is a bilingual writer standing (unbalanced) on a blurred line between fiction and memoir.

When her mind produces fascinating stories complete with elaborate characters and sound track, she types them and files them under fiction.

When her thoughts are incoherent and filled with strong emotions, she writes them down and files them under poetry.

In her writing, Lisbeth is concerned with issues of mental health, immigration, and identity. She also writes about her mental condition, Bipolar Disorder, as part of her complex identity.

About 30 years ago, she met an extraordinary woman who in a few hours saw through Lisbeth and changed her life for good. What started as a pen-pal relationship evolved into a strong friendship crossing over three countries and the line of sanity.

To her, Lisbeth owes the journey of recovery from effects of child abuse and later from a mental break down. When her life started to get in shape, that woman became seriously ill and died.

When Lisbeth’s friend was still alive, she started writing a book in the form of letters to express gratitude towards her friend. But the book took a life of its own to reflect on the detrimental effects of abuse in the child’s psyche, and the stress of immigration in an already fragmented mind.

After so many years, the book is ready to see the world!

Lisbeth has wandered the immigration path from Venezuela, to Canada, to USA, leaving pieces of her heart scattered in the places she’s lived. The love for her children roots Lisbeth wherever she lives.

Lisbeth is an empty nester cozying up in Southern California, where she dances salsa, and enjoy the hiking trails of the coast. Lisbeth will continue to move around before she sets to spend the rest of her days peacefully in a small city with a good dancing scene.