Bilingual educator, writer, and speaker.

With over 5 years of experience as an adult education instructor, Lisbeth works with underrepresented segments of the population, especially, but not restricted to: students with disabilities, ESL, immigrants, older adults, re-entry, and single mothers.

A summary of her expertise include:

  • Experienced starting up of a brand new college program funded with the Adult Ed. Block Grant.
  • Proven effectiveness in the design, implementation, and delivery of learning programs for adults.
  • Passionate public speaker that thrives at outreaching to the community to educate adult learners on the college credit system, educational and financial opportunities.
  • Strong networking skills that have allow me to put together task forces to advice the creation of new programs.
  • Experienced Adult educator: ESL, GED in Spanish, and Developmental Writing.
  • Clear and concise administrative report writer.
  • Advocate for students, assisting in the admission process, and reducing obstacles to transition between adult school and college.
Interested in working with me?

Contact Lisbeth below and let her know how you envision working together.